5 Best Cryptocurrencies Under $1 to Invest In Right Now



5 Best Cryptocurrencies Under $1 to Invest In Right Now, Low prices attract more investors, as they have high growth potential of giving good returns.  Read more to learn about the best altcoins (any other cryptocurrency than Bitcoin), under $1, and how to invest in them today. Cryptocurrency has succeeded in attracting the attention of business people, investors, the general public, and everyone there. Undoubtedly, the excellent Cryptocurrency has caused a stir on social networking sites, in the media, and in all financial forums.

Why Invest in Penny Cryptos? And the answer is Unbelievable returns, eg the price of Dogecoin in 2017 was $ 0.0002. In 2021, its price is $ 0.31 – an increase of 154,900%.


Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Under $1


5 Best Cryptocurrencies Under $1


1. Dogecoin

Dogecoin started as a Joke but in very little time it has a market capitalization of over $40 billion (an all-time high of $80-billion). It has started as an Internet meme featuring a Shiba Inu Japanese dog. Its emergence was largely due to Elon Musk, the inventor of Tesla and SpaceX, who referred to it as the Dodgemaster. 

DOGE, a coin that rose to prominence earlier this year, thanks to Elon Musk, is the cheapest cryptocurrency you can buy in 2021. Dogecoin is currently one of the cryptocurrencies many analysts consider to be an effective investment strategy. The cryptocurrency has been on track for the past four months, recovering more than 8000 percent so far by 2021.

Risks of Investing in Dogecoin
Dogecoin prices have proven to be at high risk in popularity – good and bad. For example, recently Musk’s appearance in May on “Saturday Night Live,” while calling it “hustle.” And unlike the full offer of Bitcoin, and there is no limit to how much can we generate from Dogecoin.
Unlike many other cryptos, such as Bitcoin, there is no limit to the number of Dogecoins that can be built, as a result, which leaves money at the risk of depreciation as the supply increases.
The price of Dogecoin in 2017 was $ 0.0002. In August 2021, its price was $ 0.31 – an increase of 154,900%.

2. Stellar

Currently, Stellar is one of the top 10 most popular blockchain networks. Stellar Lumens (XLM) is one of the leading cryptocurrencies with continued acceptance in the market. Stellar is a payment processor based on distributed ledger technology. Allows for quick, cross-border transactions between any pair of currencies. According to their website, Stellar blockchain is “a platform that connects banks, payment systems, and individuals” and aims to “transfer money quickly, reliably, and at no cost. Stellar Lumen (XLM), the traditional digital currency for Stellar, thus enables the entire range of operations in the blockchain network. At the beginning of the Stellar network, 100 billion XLM / Stellar Lumens were created.

The only way to do XLM is inflation. There is a steady inflation rate of 1% per annum on the level of Lumen creation to cater for economic growth and Lumens lost. Newly-made Lumens are produced weekly and are still distributed by direct voting.

3. Ripple

Ripple is like Paypal or any other money transferring network design to help the needs of the financial services sector. XRP, a cryptocurrency designed to operate on the Ripple network, is always ranked among the top cryptocurrencies.

Despite its ambitions, Ripple is currently is in legal disputes with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
Ripple is a payment system and a money exchange network that can process transactions around the world. Ripple can make it easy to trade various fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and things like gold.

4. VeChain

VeChain is a blockchain platform design to improve purchasing management processes and business processes. Its purpose is to streamline these processes and stream of information through complex supply chains through distributed ledger technology (DLT). The Vechain platform contains two distinct tokens: VeChain Token (VET) and VeChainThor Energy (VTHO). The first is used to transfer value across the VeChain network, and the latter is used as a power or “gas” to enable smart transactions.

5. Tether

This is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency with distributed crypto coins backed by an equal amount of traditional fiat currency, such as the dollar, euro, or Japanese yen, held in a preferred bank account. Tether tokens, the traditional Tether network tokens, are traded under the USDT symbol.

It is a solid coin, a type of digital currency that aims to keep digital currency balances stable. Furthermore, It is used by crypto investors who want to avoid excessive flexibility in some cryptocurrencies while maintaining value within the crypto market. Trading of this coin took place under the USDT symbol. Like bitcoin, the tether is a cryptocurrency. In fact, it is the third-largest currency in the world in terms of market value. But it is very different from bitcoin and other tangible currencies.

How To Invest In Cryptocurrency

Find the right crypto exchange

crypto exchanges are the platforms where people can buy and sell their digital assets.

Few crypto exchanges platforms:-

  • Coinbase and Coinbase Pro
  • Cash App
  • Bisq
  • Binance

Create an account

Set up your account for trading

Start Trading

In addition, You can store your coins in a crypto wallet or Cold storage ( In other words, cold storage is like offline wallets) is one of the safest methods for holding bitcoin, as these wallets are not accessible via the Internet.

Key factors to consider before investing in cryptocurrency

In conclusion, there are several factors you need to consider before making any investment in cryptocurrency.

1. Identifying the right Altcoin

2. Checking the legitimacy

3. Understanding the value proposition

4. Doing the right homework

6. Knowing the Risks


Self-disclosure: The investment ideas and advice expressed by me are my own. By all means, I advise users to check with professionals before making any investment decisions.











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