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Buy Spotify Followers | Increase Playlist Followers in 2022

Getting followers on Spotify. The Holy Grail of today’s music industry.

When you get more Spotify followers, everything kind of clicks in place. People stream, streams make royalties, playlist curators say “hmm, who’s that chick?” (sorry for the R.I.P.-off, Rihanna), and the circle repeats.


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A bit like life. Except the youngling growing here is your music presence and career – boosted with music promo growth hormones courtesy of Promo sound, the best promo service in the Milky Way.

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In general, buying followers on Spotify can boost your music by 360 degrees. But many artists, labels, DJs, or podcast publishers forget about playlist followers. That’s no Bueno because paid Spotify playlist followers are the promo industry’s best-kept secret.


Spotify is a global phenomenon now, and the platform provides people with a chance to create an amazing playlist for the whole world to hear. The most reliable ways to gain Spotify playlist followers aren’t obvious, however, and common advice on the subject is just as likely to lead you to frustration as it is to help you connect with new listeners.


Nearly all posts on this subject emphasize sharing and promotion on platforms outside Spotify, but I honestly believe that promoting your list is not only non-essential but actually leads to ghost followers and hollow engagement. I can even show you just how stunningly ineffective outside promotion really is.


Spotify will do all of the meaningful promotion for you, and a good playlist will pick up thousands of followers without you doing any legwork.


How to increase your Spotify followers


Ways to increase your Spotify followers

1. Try to get your music saved

As people hardly delete music from their collections. People saving your music to their collections benefit your chances of beating the algorithm too, as you will be featured in users’ “Artists”, “Songs” and “Recently Played” collections. If listeners return to your music through these pages, chances are you will show in users’ “Your Daily Mix”, “Discover Weekly” and “Release Radar” playlist. The weight of these playlists cannot be overlooked, as they generate BILLIONS of streams.

Pro Tip: A great strategy to consider using here is running a pre-save campaign for new releases.

In conclusion, your music is likely to be recommended to users who have saved your music to their collections. In turn, this will increase your chance of gaining followers, as people typically listen to music they can share with friends who have similar tastes.

2. Use Follow-To-Unlock gates

Tools like Fangage offer the possibility for artists to restrict access to specific types of content from their fans.  In order to unlock the content (for example, your new radio show episode), your fans will have to follow your Spotify account (or Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, etc.).  This way, you can easily boost your reach and following on these platforms.

3. Claim your profile with Spotify for Artists

Accessing Spotify for Artists offers many benefits to your artist profile.  Firstly, you will receive that blue “verified” checkmark next to your profile.  Secondly, you will be able to customize your profile with a bio, images, tour dates and more.  There are many more helpful resources that come with verifying your profile, but most importantly your profile will look professional and this will boost your credibility in the eyes of fans, but also playlist curators and other music industry professionals.

4. Use Spotify Canvas

As Spotify calls it, Spotify Canvas is “the album cover of the streaming era”. With this relatively new feature, you can add 2D- and 3D graphics, mix media, and video visuals to your music on Spotify. This way, you will be able to give your listeners an extra opportunity to resonate with your music.

5. Promote tracks via a mailing list or other direct communication with fans

E-mail marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and we advise you to use this channel to your advantage when promoting your music. There are many benefits to organizing a mailing list. First, there is the fact that you own the data, which gives you more control over your fan relationships. Secondly, you can use this data to your advantage in many ways. Besides that, if fans have given you their permission to mail them, they’re basically telling you they want to hear about your career. So, you should use mail as a vehicle for fans to follow you on Spotify, pre-save your new releases, or even promote new merchandise.



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