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How to increase Instagram Followers 2022 (Tricks & Tips)

How to increase Instagram Followers

1. Make friends on the Internet

How many times have we searched for specific things online?

It’s no surprise that making your friends look out for you is an essential part of social media.

Of course, when you use good keywords and use them in a way that other people search for those things in their niche, it will lead to more clicks on your site pages. That’s because people who search for something get redirected to pages that offer help and support, so the chances of getting clicked are much higher than if they just search for something.

Asking questions, like how often do you need assistance from others, is also a great strategy to increase your following. People who ask questions are less likely to just click away as they are trying to find answers themselves. And when someone has a question or need, there’s no shame in seeking the advice of others before taking any action.

You can gain more Instagram followers quickly by using several strategies to help your posts grow your network.

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2. Use SEO tactics when posting.

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to bring more traffic to your website, especially if you use low-hanging fruit in your niche. In this case, your post probably already ranks better than 90 per cent of all similar posts to yours.

SEO isn’t about creating the perfect blog post that leads to a purchase, but rather what people search for a keyword and the most relevant, high-quality content on the web. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to increase awareness of something or simply promote the best products or services. You want to make sure that you’re getting your word out there, fast, and consistently. So don’t be afraid to take advantage of SEO tactics if you have an opportunity to make sure your posts are seen by as many people as possible.

3. Create lists

One of the best ways to build a strong community is to create lists within your sites. The listing makes it very easy for users to navigate your site, and it opens up possibilities for guest blogging, asking questions, suggesting topics, and more. However, list creation is a time-consuming process which means it shouldn’t be done every day. But if you decide to go for it, here are a few simple pointers to follow:

Choose one or two keywords that represent the focus and your main topic of interest, then write down the same terms repeatedly. For example, say I want my blog to show product reviews on Amazon, that I’d love to see more articles written about me having a dog, and then show different types of food. Your lists can sometimes be quite long (even multiple years) so be sure to include descriptions of your products that entice users to click through your blog.

Find companies in your industry that provide these extras, and try to recommend them. By using referral traffic in addition to your own posts, you are actually helping someone who may be struggling to earn a living. Another option is to offer a coupon for readers that helps you increase sales. These can typically include coupons for eBooks, music downloads, software deals, etc. Take note of which brands offer these bonus items. Remember that not all brands are created equal, so take some time to study companies in your field which are known for offering great products. Have fun with this! You may become an expert in the field and have thousands of satisfied customers. Plus, the income that comes with being an affiliate is usually based on commission, instead of being a cost.

4. Get creative

Everyone knows creativity works better with photos, so be sure to include them as frequently as possible. Whether you are writing a product review on Amazon or writing for Facebook, pictures make your content instantly popular. The ability to turn regular text into captivating images can help your blog reach new audiences.

As well as including graphics, make sure you include captions to help draw attention to your brand. One of the best pieces of advice I can give anyone creating blog posts is to remember that the content is what keeps people coming back for the second time. They look at what you have to say and draw inspiration from it. Using text in the title, subtitle, meta description, as well as your images will make sure everything looks attractive. There are plenty of tools available to help you do this, such as Google Docs, Word File, Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, etc.

5. Be smart about your hashtags

Another important thing to remember is that your post is your own personal brand. A lot goes into crafting your unique brand image, so it is very important that you treat it with care and respect. Here are some tips for doing so:

Use # or #2 often, according to your posts, as it is a symbol that shows “I’m related to this brand.” Or #3 or #4, as it is a generic marker for anything (like my dog). Do not waste space by adding your personal hashtag to everyone else. Hashtags can quickly lose meaning, especially when used incorrectly. For instance, if I write about coffee, but mention that I hate coffee then I am in fact showing the world that I drink water or tea instead.

Make sure you use the highest quality images—the ones that are from your site and will grab your attention. If your photographs are blurry or overly compressed, or you need an extreme photo to capture an exact shot, then skip this step entirely.

If you use inappropriate imagery, simply remove it at once, or change the image to a stock photo that represents the image you actually use.

Use hashtags that are relevant to your blog. Examples include #blog and #kinkyhair.

6. Be active on Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic way to discover a lot of new ideas, share knowledge, and connect with fellow bloggers. If you take some time to follow and engage with the accounts that you find interesting, you will be able to get to understand a great deal about the subjects you write about. But if you ignore tweets and blogs, you will miss out. Following blogs, and retweeting the accounts that are interesting to you, will be extremely beneficial in expanding your audience and gaining followers!

7. Join a group or groups

If you are in a group that shares common interests, then joining that group will have many benefits. You can create threads around particular aspects of your blog or brand that you blog and have other people respond to, and if you join a group that encourages discussion, you will learn a ton of things both inside out and outside the box. You’ll always get a feel for what is happening in the niche, which is something really valuable and truly invaluable. It gives you a chance to interact with other writers, find out about topics you haven’t heard someone talk about previously, and generally improve the quality of your posts.

There is nothing wrong with using social networks to help your site grow. However, networking is extremely important in order for you to develop a thriving business. By investing in groups and communities, you will reap tremendous rewards for your business. Social networks can be incredibly effective, but if you are serious about growing your audience, then join a group and become involved in the discussions that you see taking place; then you will understand that there is so much out there for your subject and the opportunities that exist for you and your blog.



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