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We all have a guy in our life who already seems to have everything he needs (and then some). He has impeccable taste. His home is well-decorated. He always has the latest and greatest technology. So what do you buy for a person who has everything?  

Well, we have some ideas. Even if he has everything he needs, there are probably quite a few things he wants. You can’t go wrong with elevated, practical essentials like a luxurious shave set or a new signature scent. Then, of course, there are experiential gifts that’ll make for memorable moments. And then, there are the gifts that add to stuff you know he already owns, like a new band for his Apple Watch. 

These are just some ideas, so if you like where we’re heading, keep reading. Below, you’ll find 41 great gift ideas for men who seemingly have everything. 

41 gift ideas for men who have everything:

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