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From his bedding to the kitchen appliances, every inch of the house is covered in doodles. According to the Times of London, Cox bought the property for £1.35 million ($1.5 million).

Mr Doodle

Source: The Times 

Speaking to the BBC, Cox said waking up in a room full of doodles is “sort of paradise for me.”

Mr Doodle and his partner sitting at the end of their bed.

Gareth Fuller/PA Images via Getty Images

Source: The BBC 

While he showed a BBC journalist around his home, he admitted not being sure whether the kitchen hobs would function after doodling on them — his wife is not “totally aware of that yet” though.

Mr Doodle and his wife in the kitchen.

Mr Doodle

In 2020, he was the world’s fifth most successful artist aged under 40 at auction after one of his art pieces sold for $1 million (£890,000).

Mr Doodle wearing an outfit covered in doodles in his kitchen.

Mr Doodle

He achieved his childhood dream two years after starting his project.

Mr Doodle standing in his kitchen.

Mr Doodle

Cox added that when he doodles it feels almost “like an out-of-body experience. You’re indulging yourself in this free-flowing state of creation.”

Mr Doodle in the bathtub while his partner is over the bathroom sink looking in the mirror.

Mr Doodle

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