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  • Elon Musk says he had spoken to Kanye West about the musician’s antisemitic tweet.
  • West was reportedly locked out of his Twitter account after he posted the tweet.
  • Musk tweeted on Tuesday, saying that he had expressed his concerns to West.

Elon Musk says he has spoken to Kanye West about the rapper’s antisemitic tweet, which reportedly led to his Twitter account being locked.

Twitter took action against West on Sunday after he tweeted to say he would go “death con 3” on Jewish people.

Musk returned to Twitter on Friday after a long hiatus. He then posted a photo of himself with Mark Zuckerberg and accused the Meta CEO of restricting his Instagram account. Instagram previously confirmed to Insider that West’s account had been restricted for posts that violated its policies. 

Musk responded to the photo by posting a comment that welcomed his “friend” back to the platform.

Replying to his earlier Tweet, Musk posted that he had “talked to ye” and expressed his “concerns about his recent tweet.” Musk added that he thought the musician had taken his concerns “to heart.” 

Musk is in negotiations to buy the social-media platform after months of litigation.

The billionaire has previously taken issue with free speech on the platform and has said he would allow former US President Donald Trump, who was permanently banned from Twitter in January 2021, back on the social media platform.

Trump, however, has stated that he did not intend to return to Twitter and will remain exclusively on his own social-media app, Truth Social. 

Representatives for Musk did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment made outside of normal working hours. West could not immediately be reached for comment. 

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