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  • An Amazon Prime membership comes with many fantastic perks, including access to exclusive Prime Day deals
  • Signing up for Prime can cost as little as $7.49 a month for students, and $139 annually for everyone else.
  • If you regularly use Amazon, it’s worth signing up for a Prime Membership to unlock one-day delivery and more. 

Amazon Prime, the fast and free shipping (and everything else) service launched by Amazon in early 2005, has changed the way Americans shop for just about everything.

It has also changed the way many of us watch TV and movies, listen to music, read books, and even store our personal photos and videos. In some places, you can even order food for delivery via Prime.

A Prime membership also gets you access to exclusive deals during special sales like Prime Day and Amazon’s current Prime Early Access Sale

Assuming you’re convinced that an Amazon Prime membership is right for you, here’s how to sign up for Prime.

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