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  • Mark Zuckerberg said Apple charges “as much as it can” for hardware in an interview with Stratechery’s Ben Thompson.
  • He’s said his VR headsets are priced at the break-even point, or even a loss, for Meta.

Mark Zuckerberg is not afraid to call out his big tech competitors, particularly Apple.

Zuckerberg has been in “deep, philosophical competition” with Apple since he announced his bid for the metaverse last year.

On Tuesday, in a podcast interview with Stratechery’s Ben Thompson, Zuckerberg took another dig at his company’s rival. This time, for profiteering off hardware.

“It’s typically people build hardware and they try to make a profit off of it, where if you’re Apple, you build hardware and you charge as much as you can for it,” Zuckerberg said.

He said he’s taking a different route.

“I do think that having someone come into the space and basically say, “We’re going to build the best hardware in the space and we’re going to basically sell it at a break-even point and in some cases.”

Zuckerberg said that’s Meta’s newest VR headset, Quest Pro, is priced at just $1,500. He said he eventually plans to unveil a Quest 3, priced between $300 and $500.

Zuckerberg contended that Meta’s goal is to include as many participants in the metaverse as possible.

“That business strategy I think is aligned with the mission of basically connecting people and having people there because if you want to build a social experience, you have to have the people there.”

Ultimately, he said software and services are the real places he expects to make money.

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