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  • Meta’s losses from its Reality Labs project total $15 billion since last year, with no end in sight.
  • Meta’s losses have come under scrutiny after some were disappointed in Mark Zuckerberg’s recent update on the metaverse. 
  • Put into perspective, the losses have grown to more than the combined market caps of 4 US major airline companies. 

Meta’s losses from its metaverse project keep stacking up. 

The tech giant reported $10 billion in losses last year, and more than $5 billion so far in 2022, with many experts projecting the pace of losses to accelerate even further.

Meta has said it’s spending this massive amount of money on research, development, and employee-related costs, but the precise details of where that money has gone are fuzzy.

Meta’s piling losses have come under intense scrutiny after some found CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s most recent update on the company’s progress disappointing. One analyst called the company’s push into the metaverse “desperate.”

The hefty price tag on Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse project appears even more substantial when it’s put into perspective. 

Here are other incredible things that cost less than the amount Meta has reported as losses on its Reality Labs project since last year. 

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