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  • Upgraded Points ranked the best US cities to visit for a ‘canna-cation’ based on 26 factors.
  • Cannabis tourism is a $17 billion industry, reports say.
  • Activities include ganja yoga, paint-and-puff, and a cannabis-infused dinner.

Cannabis may not be legal in every US state, but the places that permit recreational use have carved out a unique corner in the travel industry.

Weed-infused tourism is a $17 billion industry despite only being legal in 19 states. As people become more comfortable experimenting with it, we’re seeing more weed-friendly travel guides for those who want to experience the high life.

Upgraded Points — a site dedicated to information on all things travel and reward programs — ranked the best and worst places for a “canna-cation” based on 26 factors including cost and weed friendly activities.

On Thursday, President Biden moved to pardon thousands with federal marijuana convictions and encourage states to follow suit. If you’re feeling more empowered to dive into the world of cannabis, here are the top 10 best cities for a ganja getaway, according to Upgraded Points.

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